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Carpet Patch

Perhaps you just remodeled your home. Walls were taken out. You are now faced with areas where you see concrete or a plywood subfloor. Don't be alarmed. We can put new padding in, patch the area, and with the money you saved, rather than buying new carpet you can go on a very nice extended vacation.

Remodeling may pose another situation. New tile was just installed in your bathroom, kitchen or entryway. Hopefully, the carpet was cut long enough for us to put down tackstrip and trim the carpet to your new tile . "Voila" your room is now ready to live in. Let's continue to another problem solver. Your water heater or clothes washer has leaked leaving a messy wet carpet and pad. The best scenario is if you can pull the carpet as far back from the wall until you find a dry area. You can then remove the wet padding and bring in fans to blow air above and under the carpet to dry. We can come in, install new padding and re-stretch the carpet to it's original position. If for some reason you need to cut the carpet, use an extremely sharp utility knife and try to cut the carpet as straight as possible.

You may find stains, bleach spills and many other conditions to destroy the look of your carpet. Don't be alarmed. We are here to help. If you just have a question , we would be happy to answer that for you. Twin cities carpet john (612) 581-5653